About Meim

Hello!  Nice to meet you.  I’m Meim.  I am a mom, a wife, and a recovering infertile.  I over-complicate pretty much every aspect of my life, and worry far more than is healthy.  I am super easy to entertain, and tend to laugh at things that are far from “appropriate”.

If I manage to find spare time I thoroughly enjoy being outside (when it’s warm), and spending time with my friends.  I am a Jack of many trades and have studied too much to pick what I actually want to be when I “grow up.”  I went to a business school first, then cosmetology, and then a regular ‘ole college where I majored in math education even though I took almost as many art and photography classes.

I can be very creative, but rarely follow-through on projects that I start.  I like to sew and digital scrapbook, and have even been known to do a wood craft here and there.  My greatest strengths are in the kitchen (and it shows.  literally.) and I love to create new recipes, even though I’m usually too stingy to share.  I’d much rather cook for you, than give you the actual recipe.  I’m mean like that.

Evan and I have  been married since March of 2000, and haven’t killed each other yet.  We are high school sweethearts that got married young (me 18, him 20) and that created a lot of opportunities to learn.  Luckily, it looks like we’ve figured this whole marriage thing out and we actually like to be around each other.  We are far from perfect, and at times we argue and are insensitive to each other, but still there is no one I’d rather be with than him.  It may sound cheesy, but I actually still dream about him – and in a good way, too!  He makes me laugh at all the right times, knows exactly what I’m thinking 100% of the time, and loves me completely, regardless of my flaws.  There is no doubt that he is my perfect match.

As a mother, I’m totally just winging it.

Lucy is a beautiful, brilliant, and witty child with a knack for saying the most absurd things at the perfect times.  She has no trouble making friends and is usually surrounded by people.  She is beyond talented when it comes to singing and acting, and loves performing in any way possible.  She is also a holy terror.  Most mornings leave me stressed to the max and googling “boot camps for children.” …  just kidding.  But seriously, the attitude on this child is ridiculous!  She struggles with ADHD, ODD, and Asperger’s, but has come such a long way that most of the time, you’d be hard pressed to tell she struggles.   She had a rough few years in school, but this year graced her with a teacher that “gets” her and that has made a world of difference.  She is in a Gifted/Talented program because she’s wicked smart, and often comes up with thoughts and ideas that take me waaaay to long to understand.  This kid is going to change the world.

Emma is a gem.  She makes me smile so often that my cheeks literally contain the strongest muscles in my body.  She is by far the most imaginative child I have ever encountered.  She talks a mile-a-minute, and often impresses people with her nearly perfect manners.  Example: once she ran across a McDonald’s lobby to shake a Highway Patrolman’s hand and say, “It’s nice-a meet you!”  When he smiled, thanked her, then and asked her how she was (all while waiting for her to release his hand), she politely answered, “I’m good sanks, howa you?”  You should have seen his face, it was awesome!  Emma spends most of her time creating new “wesipees” in her play kitchen, and “fwapping” (from the sound of her cape) around my house dressed as a super hero.  Man, I love this kid!

Overall, I’m a very happy person who realizes exactly how lucky I am.  Infertility is quick to teach humility, and I am supremely grateful for my girls.  I live everyday with the knowledge that even my worst days now are infinitely better than my best days before them.

I have given my family pseudonames to protect their identities, and I go by a nickname myself.  I don’t intend to show you photos that could identify us, but an occasional artsy pic isn’t out of the question.

Any questions about me?  Please ask.  I’m actually pretty friendly.  =)


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