Birthday Baby

I’m not sure how that year flew by so quickly, but our beautiful little Emma is a year old already.


The week leading up to her birthday, August 24th, was super emotional for me.  I’m not sure why, but I cried a lot that week.  Perhaps because I felt like it snuck up on me.  Or maybe because I spent 9 years wishing and praying for another baby to love, and promising God that I would cherish every moment.   That I wouldn’t wish away her babyhood, and that I would relish every bit of infancy.  And I have.  Maybe too much.

Somehow, I ran out of time.  She leapt right into toddlerhood without so much as second thought.

IF scars run deep, and they will haunt me forever.  I know now, that I cannot EXPECT to have this gift again, so saying goodbye to Emma’s infancy is very sad to me.  I know how much I will miss it.

I can’t believe she is this big already!  She is delightful. She has completely mastered walking, and although she doesn’t really “speak” other than “Mmmammmma”, and “Dadadada”, she signs like a pro.  She has picked up the signs for most of the things around our house, and can easily ask for what she wants.

At her 12 month well-check she FINALLY made it onto the charts for weight!  HOORAY!  She is 18 lbs. 8 oz. and 29.5″ tall.  Most of her clothes are still 3-6 mo., but she is starting to fit into 6-9 month too.  I think she’s going through a growth spurt, so I’m pretty sure she’ll ditch the 6-9 month soon.

We had an owl-themed birthday party in our backyard that went surprisingly well.  After dinner, cake, and presents, we took our guests to the new splash pad by our house and let the kids play. It was a blast!  Emma loves the water so it was really fun to watch her play with her cousins and neighbors.  She was easily the happiest kid there.  It was adorable.  She was all giggles.

For her party, I even made the cake.  (Stupidest idea EVER!)

Apparently, I watch too much and was tricked into thinking, “fondant looks so easy to make!  I could totally do that!”  (WHAT?!?)  Now, let me preface this by telling you that I have NEVER attempted to decorate a cake other than a slathering of frosting, and maybe a few sprinkles along with a bad attempt at “writing” with icing.  It has NEVER gone well for me.  Usually the cake has sunk in the middle and is overcooked enough to make the edges crunchy.  I have to use sprinkles just to cover the mass amounts of cake crumbs that invade the frosting.  Cakes hate me, what can I say?

I ended up totally winging it.  I found a recipe for fondant that didn’t sound too disgusting, but I ended up making 4 separate batches – each time tweeking the recipe until it tasted similar to strawberry taffy, but still had the consistency of fondant.

In total, it took me THREE DAYS to make this freaking cake, and it didn’t turn out at all like I had envisioned.  The owl turned out a lot cuter than I thought, and Emma absolutely loved it.  When I first showed it to her she gasped, did a little happy dance, and then squealed.  She cried when I couldn’t let her have it.  I ended up putting it in the cupboard while I worked on the other cakes, but she knew where it was so she spent most of the day running into the kitchen and pointing to the cupboard, only to cry more when I wouldn’t give it to her.  She gasped and grinned every time I went near the cupboard, thinking I was going to get it out.  It was both adorable and heartbreaking.

Overall, I was happy with how the cake turned out but I have learned a new appreciation for people who decorate cakes for a living.  Oh, and fondant is a bitch.  I hate it.  It’s a picky little bastard that likes to stick to pretty much all the wrong things (counter tops, rolling pins, HANDS, whatever) no matter how much shortening, or powdered sugar you use.  It’s truly evil.  If you ever decide to do a fondant cake, BUY THE FONDANT!  Yes, I hear it tastes like crap, but it’s probably worth it.  No joke.


Image                         The finished product.

Oh yeah, then I dropped it… ON THE GROUND (!!!) as I was trying to move it for a better picture with Emma.  Not even kidding. **

So, yeah.  Not doing that again.




**Miraculously, the cake survived it’s near-death experience.  The one benefit of fondant?  It almost bounces.  =)