New Diggs

Hmmmm, where to begin.  Well, I guess I should begin to tell you why I’m here.

I am a recovering infertile.  Evan and I struggled to bring a new baby into our lives for nearly 8 years.  It took 91 cycles including 11 IUI’s, and 2 IVF’s before we were blessed with a sticky pregnancy.  We lost 4 babies along the way, including a persistent ectopic that ruptured twice.

We know EXACTLY just how lucky we are.  We are still reeling from the punches life has thrown us, and working hard to heal.

That being said, it is time to move on.  I know the subject will come up and I’m TOTALLY fine with that.  But that will not be this blog’s focus.

I am super excited to start fresh.  I am glad that I have bloggy friends who will make this move with me, and as always, will be here to help me find my footing.

So, to start things out I want to do a Q&A.  What do you guys want to know?  I will answer anything as long as I don’t find it completely over-the-line (don’t be a douche, k?), and as long as you don’t ask me questions that could identify me or my hubby and kiddos IRL.

Ready???  Go.